WWE Mick Foley
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WWE Mick Foley

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Название: WWE Mick Foley
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WWE Mick Foley Greatest Hits & Misses - A Life in Wrestling (Hardcore Edition) (2004)

1. Mick Foley & Les Thornton Vs. The British Bulldogs - His first pro match was against one of the greatest tag teams in history. Cool to see the Dynamite Kid on DVD! - DUD

2. Cactus Jack Vs. Sting - Falls count anywhere - Awesome match where both men do some MEGA-CRAZY stuff on the harsh concrete floor. Unfortunatly Jesse Ventura's original commentary isn't here which is MUCH better than Foley & The Coach's. out of 5

3. Cactus Jack Manson Vs. Vader - Vader is the LAST guy you want to let smack you around, but Cactus does it. This is a TV match that has un-shown footage. Pretty brutal match

4. Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne Vs. The Nasty Boys - Streetfight - An ECW match years before ECW. They brawl all over the place with every weapon they can find. Forget those wimpy tin-foil trashcans that WWF used, this is all super-stiff shots. Should've also had the SullivanCactus Vs. Nasty Boys match to bookend this with.

5. Cactus Jack Vs. Sabu - WCW Vs. ECW - The Dream match of the two most insane bumpers in the business. 12

6. Cactus Jack Vs. Sabu - Rematch in Germany where Sabu gets hurt (like always -) halfway through the match.

7. Cactus Jack Vs. Chris Candido - SMW - Not sure why this is here. OK match.

8. Cactus Jack Vs. The Sandman - Texas Death match - Poor Sandman got hit with a legit frying pan early, OUCH, giving him a concussion, and making him a walking zombie for the rest of the match! Cactus can say that he actually carried someone to a good match -)

9. Cactus Jack & Raven Vs. Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer - A typical crazy ECW tag match with EVERY object being used on each other including a VCR, a shopping cart and a Dungeon of DoomEric Bishoff shirt.

10. Cactus Jack Vs. Mikey Whipreck - Cactus's last ECW match againt former friend Whipreck. A pretty good send off as both guys pull out big moves. 12

11. Mankind Vs. Shawn Michaels - WWF Championship - Great match between different styles. Amazingly even THIS great performance didn't elevate Mankind to main event status, it would take 2 falls off a cage to get that.

12. Cactus Jack Vs. HHH - Falls count everywhere - Really cool RAW match that went all over the arena.

13. Mic Foley Vs. Terry Funk - Streetfight - Another great TV match that goes everywhere. Should've had the WM Dumpster match preceed this one. 12

14. Dude Love Vs. Steve Austin - WWF Championship - A Perfectly written and performed match that has everything going against Austin.

15. Mankind Vs. The Undertaker - Hell in the Cell - MOTY 98 - I couldn't believe the first HITC, but this one is even MORE brutal. My heart still pounds everytime I see this, thinking how amazed and scared I felt watching this live on PPV. Mankind just refused to be beaten.

16. Mankind Vs. The Rock - WWF Championship - This is one of my most favorite feuds ever. The Rock defends his belt against Mankind on RAW. 12

17. Cactus Jack Vs. HHH - Street Fight - MOTY 2000 - Triple H tries to survive a crazy streetfight with the returning Cactus Jack!

Whew! Lots of matches and they're all great. But I though a lot of essential matches were left out (Cactus Vs. Eddie Gilbert, Cactus Vs. Vader HHavoc, CactusSullivan Vs Nasty Boys, Cactus Vs. Funk Deathmatch Finals, Mankind Vs. The Rock RRumble, Cactus Jack Vs. HHH Hell-in the-Cell) Hence the 4-star rating. Plus the blurred out logos is pretty anoying. Still what's here is great and this is a great buy!